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2018 S/S Muse Pink

テーマは『Muse Pink』2018 Spring&Summerの最新ネイルアートトレンド

PINK is the color that renders classiness to the fingertips of every woman.
Its coolness creates an understated lure, and gives a noble radiance.
It expresses a feel of the vitality of mother nature,
and can be “ devil’s color” that every women are drawn to.
Even in the rapid flow of time, PINK has always been a woman’s best color,
maximizing her charm in every respect.
The new PINK will change every woman into the MUSE of new era.

『Muse Pink』

2018 S/S Muse Pink

Muse Pink The Four Look of the New Collection

Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond
PINK with a subtle blue and purple undertone makes various expressions when exposed to lighting, adding coolness to the look.

Flamingo Pink

Flamingo Pink
A playful pop PINK inspired by the “botanical” trend and nature such; butterflies, insects, and birds etc.

Spiritual Pink

Spiritual Pink
Noble and mesmerizing PINK with a dazzle of gold and glitter to wrap around the fingertips exdudes an alluring “aura”.

Shell Pink

Shell Pink
A shell PINK with pearly glow melts into the skin, lending subtle radiance and classiness to the look.

We continue to place a work that is inspired.

Muse Pink The Four Look of the New Collection

Main Theme Main Theme
Pink Diamond Pink Diamond
Flamingo Pink Flamingo Pink
Spiritual Pink Spiritual Pink
Shell Pink Shell Pink
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